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tuesday but it's thursday

when the lighting is right

8/10/10 11:04 am - Christopher Columbus

Have to post to remember this exciting day. A special screening of Scott Pilgrim tonight in which Edgar Wright is going to be there, Sam is going to pee his pants... And I have to say I am quite excited too (maybe just feeding off the ol' kiddo). But I did have a dream last night that I was in Scott Pilgrim with Michael Cera and we were hanging out and playing. Romona made a special appearance, had a discussion with someone about how I have always wanted to dye my hair a crazy color, so that was cool. One of the most exciting dreams in a while because A. I went to bed super scared after watching a ridiculous episode of TrueBlood with Sam, we fell asleep on the couch and I thought I heard a ghost walking around B. was expecting to have scary dreams like I normally do, but ended up with Scott Pilgrim instead, thank you sir.

over & outtt

"QUARTERLY LIST OF SHIT IN MY LIFE, GRADED BY AWESOMENESS (you be the judge on what the scale is) - FALL 2006
minus the bear on thursday with my grizzly bear: check plus.
calarts on friday with my grizzly bear and no odd roommate: check triple plus."

I really did have a crazy first roommate..

6/9/10 07:15 pm - c/sea/see

I doubt anyone reads this anymore, so maybe that's why I want to write. I just got off my 3rd day of work doing graphic design at a printers here in Houston. I think I only write on this when something monumental has happened, the last time was getting a job with Mike Mills and dreaming of Miranda July. I think I forget how special that really was, the good, the bad, and the ugly... Funny how people are so much different from what you imagined them to be. Like when I was in High School and would imagine the internet/livejournal/myspace to be this incredible space and place where there were so many cool people and attractive guys that I could be so compatible with. So wrong. The moment I realized this was on a day in senior year when Sam, Ulsh and I went to taxi taxi, for some reason, and as we were walking in a certain "internet crush" aka agenda suicide was walking out. A really awkward moment arose but instead of saying hi, everyone played the "im not going to notice you game". THAT'S when I realized you can fantasize all you want but it's never the same. Maybe humans just like the mystery but will always avoid the reality.

However, don't get me wrong I think it is always important to entertain the imagination.. and if that is used towards people then it is just a part of animal/human nature. KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. Once I made the realization that I choose to be naive, I think I prefer it. Keeps life less complicated.

But here I am at home, in the place where I began 4 years ago. Having seen and experienced some of what California had to offer was incredible. There is a part of me that really wants to go back, simply because of the competitive atmosphere and visually stimulating environment. But I know that what I have here is great, I just don't want time to go by and be too comfortable. Never be settled because things will always change.

I think I just need my own place, or for the two of us. Maybe I would think of being home differently if I wasn't literally at home being called by my dad to go to sleep because I have work in the morning.

Sam and I are coming up on our 5 year anniversary. One of the greatest accomplishments in my life so far, who would've guessed. Anyways, enough of that.

I think I will go do yoga outside and let the mosquitos take some of my blood.

11/10/08 07:18 pm - AHHH


I thought I was just going to help him prepare for his show in Berlin but now I have a special assignment! I HOPE IT HAS TO DO WITH ANIMALS!!! I CANT WAIT TO SIT NEXT TO HIM AND MARANDA JULY AND HIS DOG ZOE AND BE AROUND THE COOLEST CUTEST COUPLE EVERRRRR

10/22/08 12:41 am - where are we now

Im not even sure why I am writing right now... I have an incredible amount of work to do. And yet my body just wants to rest.
I don't want to turn into a work a holic, thus not be a true graphic designer. whatevs.
There is this polish girl in our studio named Ania, who loves to cuss and complain and has a funny accent and thinks she is the god of graphic design. I kinda want to punch her. Say what you want, but I am no fan of cussing. Never caught on like tobacco...
I just made that up.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I am interested to know what people are doing. Because I love the feeling of "who ever thought?!" especially in conversations when you are truly surprised. I'll leave a link to my flickr incase anyone wants to see some of my work? http://flickr.com/photos/25339689@N07/

I'll even give an update on Sam. He is great.
hahaha. Maybe he will tell you once he gets done reading this.
We want to start exploring more, but its hard to find the right time. Exploring is always necessary. Hopefully we will be getting the coolest dog in the world/ever created-the shiba inu. Believed to be one of the oldest breeds of dog, native to japan. I think I will even make a zine about him (or her) it will be called SUPREEMMMOOO

Lastly, for anyone who has not yet seen this movie. You must watch Recount, it was a HBO movie but will shine some light on voting and political parties. If I don't write again before the election, let us all hope that I return with B-ROCK obama as our president.

p.s- keep in mind high school reunions.
very scary thought...


12/29/07 10:13 pm - I guess it's my turn

Its a quite night around here. Everyone is getting sick. My mom is cleaning the floors and telling me from another room how dirty they are.

Bently's head is in the shape of a cone and he is trying to fight the E-collar but is loosing miserably.
Bently only had one testicle but now he has none.

Last night a large man jumped on my head.
and my back is not happy.
But I got some great pictures today of jess, tomas, zach, and pilling all trying to make a human ladder. They were pretty unsuccessful maybe because tomas kept tickling pillings testi's?

I wish Samuel was here. He always goes out of town when there is fun stuff to do.
Did you guys hear about the tiger that got out of the houston zoo. I think he killed a person.
But I could be wrong..

5/14/07 02:05 am

I have now been working for 12 hours straight.
ooh my.
but this is the final push (like in delivery) and soon it will all be over.
tomorrow/today is my final critique

I have to say I feel pretty good about it (but please still wish me luck)
I will be in front of all the graphic design faculty (including ed fela- this super famous artist)
and all my classmates and other students
some people leave crying
let's hope to god thats not me

I dont know how everyone else feels about their first year of college. But im super pumped and happy with my self. I dont think I have ever worked this hard or felt this much sense of accomplishment. Im going to make myself a website soon so I can put all of my work up and hopefully start getting work?

Im dying for a puppy. I really really need one...
the weather is perfect here
its going to be really hard to leave
l.a is actually a really great place

but summer will be grand. there will be: swimming, i miss being a kid, late night adventures, sam and my 2 year anniversary, poops, and giggles

I am on the search for diddy kong racing, and once I get it everyone can come over and play.
my favorite thing in the world to do is:
listen and watch trees for as long as I can

I think if I could transform into something it might be a tree, or a bear, or a whale
im kinda sad that so many people wont be in houston this summer

because look at what you are missing out on:
h.p -the book and movie
pirates 3
the new pixar movie
astros games

sugs to be u d00ds
sam and I cant seem to beat mario tennis, maybe because we always play messed up..
but daisy is one of the hardest characterz... watch out for her.
ok well since I have been mostly talking about video games I guess I should go and come back when I have something of interest.

I'll let you know how the shit goes down.


4/14/07 06:43 pm

hey poopies,

there are quite a few things that we need to address in this entry.

1. Sam might get me a puppy for our 2 year anniversary! But the word MIGHT is a big part of it. We have decided that if its a boy we mightttt name him hans solo but if its a girl her name will be laya. IZ good?

2. My darling scottish roommate has left the country to go back to her mother land. With her giant of a boyfriend ross, who drinks those big containers of gatorade because THATS HOW BIG HE IS.

3. I miss being a kid is going to rule the world this summer. One city at a time... and everyone should come. because I will be dancin', everyone will be dancin', jess will be dancin' and there will be so much love to go around!

4. How in the world is cole a model.

First off he is a savant (a person that is crazy and can multiply ANY numbers off the top of his head in seconds), second he is cole and he dated MK (dare me to remind him? hahaha)
but I guess at the end of the day he wont remember any of us small people anymore, with the exception of MK.

5. There is this puppy store in the mall (which might I add is a brilliant idea) but all the dogs were worth more than my life. Seriously $1,600 but I guess that makes since

since once ulsh told me that the kids balls were worth more than a car.
If you were to put a value on a humans life how much would it be?

6. Another sensitive topic dear to my heart is that I AM STILL AFRAID OF GHOSTS. Seriously wtf.


maybe this is a good note to leave you on.
Plus I need to take a shower

this summer will be gr8

3/30/07 02:07 am - goodnight

oooh man,
I dont know what Im even doing up at this hour.. but here I am
my eyes are heavy but I will write this entry on the account that I havent in a while.

I dont think I want to talk about school, because everyone has been posting about it (no offense I enjoy reading what people are doing) but I think I would rather focus on more interesting topics.


pixar. (for now)
I am a firm believer that you could watch a pixar movie 100 times and never get tired of it. Well MAYBE if you watched them everyday and all in a row... but who would ever do that?!

Hopefully some day I could work there and make great childrens movies that adults can enjoy as well. I cant really see it being THAT excruciating for a parent to watch monsters inc. for example. If it is, they are lame and I never want to be that kind of person. I want to make things that make people happy.

it seems that as you get older you become more unhappy. Like my mom for instance, she has to preach about everything she has to do each day. I know she has a lot on her plate but do adults really have to list everythingggggg.
I dont want to be a grumpy adult because of what I have to do.
I personally think kids some times have it just as hard, and I think most parents (at times) forget that. but maybe its kinda understandable.
I guess...

Im going to be leaving for austin in a few hours. jeez

I have decided that when I make my first big break im going to buy a big piece of land in wyoming and put all the wild horses there! So that all those mean cowboys wont collect them and sell them.
If anyone wants to join this important cause please let me know.
I might recommend that if anyone is having a bad day just add the word poop to any given song and im 99.8% sure it will make you laugh/feel better.

if not you dont have to be my friend

well all i've gotta say is that was 4 mins. in schamae's head.

love you love you

2/13/07 03:53 pm - wide world

I know I havent written anything in forever
but maybe this will help me write some essays since I have a kinda writers block. Does anyone hate-- sorry really dislike writing essays because I surely do. I think I have this mental block that when is brought up my mind is like oop no not gonna do that.
so now I have papers do from last semester.. :( Its really ridiculous, I know, but I cant help myself.

Its kinda like a fat kid not wanting veggies but always wanting chocolate...
I guess Sam would be the chocolate (no offense boo)
I have felt really disconnected with friends. I suppose thats my fault too. If I have not called anyone Im sorry, Im stuck down in this basement/studio with no phone reception. Its kinda ruining my life. a little.

Im really starting to love California. There have been some utterly amazing clouds and pretty pretty sun sets. Im ready for spring though, and being able to wear shorts and bathing suits. Its such a tease here because one day its nice and warm and the next morning its cold again. Damn temptation.
Im going to dye my hair tonight. A darker brown. Im ready to spice things up a bit.

speaking of dye, im dying for a dog right now. I think in the near future Sam and I will get a beagal, and take it on walks and play with it all day long.
I love tuesdayssss because I only have one class from 4-5 and then its almost weds which is half of the week.
Last sunday sam and I went to santa monica to check out a farmers market, every vendor closed down in front of us so that was a bit disappointing.

BUT THENNNN we saw Brandon Boyd from incubus walking his pug up and down the street so that was NOT disappointing. I was going to go pull the whole awww your dog is so cute, to spark a conversation.. but every other girl on the block had the same idea and used up my strategy.
I would like to live in Santa Monica, in fact its the only place that kinda reminds me of home. The only problem is im sure its nearly impossible to find a affordable house. Soon zach and robbie will be joining us out here, sam and I have some great surprises. If you are reading (zach) its gonna be p.i.m.p.

um I hope everyone is happy.

11/29/06 10:27 pm


I have for once finished all my homework for tonight at a reasonable hour so here I am.
Thanksgiving was great! It was sooo good to go home and see my bests bests vests. OMG SO MUCH HAPPENED WHERE DO I BEGIN.
Well first off I really like Ulsh's hair (anyone agree?)
and Jess's for that matter.
Sam had a delightful party. His mom let us get drung. Will and Zach cuddled for a while pretty intimately.
all of the i's were dotted and the t's crossed, if I may say so
I still have lice- and so does sam :(

california is pretty goood.
Its fucking freezing though and I have to wear like 8 layers everyday. But itz goood.
christmas break will be tha bomb
I cant wait to spend all time with everyone.
I really want a flying squirrel but I dont think thats going to happen...

Oatmeal died- probably the worst day of my life.
sam and I buried him on top of a hill overlooking the mountains and said some words.
I miss rhino shows.
I dare you guys to get your shit together and have another show soon. paleezze

tomorrow night sam and I are getting to see will farrell do a stand up comedy at usc. so that will be pretty great.
zach- I really miss art class. whatever happened to our tv series?! (that was the best high idea we've ever had)
Oh man first place I want to go when I get back is the zoo

I love you.
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